PADI Specialties

PADI Specialties

The World is Your Oyster

For every pearl of wisdom you gain in a Specialty Program, the Underwater world becomes more accessible. Getting the pearl requires the oyster to be opened.  Be open, and Malibu Divers can take you there.

These specialty programs can be started after your PADI (or equivalent) Open Water certification or with a few additional requirements. Please check each Specialty for any special age or other pre-requisites or contact us for more information.  Your instructor will perform an assessment of your diving skills and comfort level in-water and generally assess your dive knowledge.

Also - are there other more Advanced Specialties you are looking for or are interested in?  Advanced Specialties are the next level of Specialties that require you to have Advanced Open Water certification or additional training and/or experience level (or equivalent) as a prerequisite to starting these courses.

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