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All scuba diving activities require a diver to keep track of their air consumption, total bottom time and maximum depth of a dive to avoid decompression sickness and out of air situations. Dive computers can range from simple timing devices with a depth gauge to more sophisticated computers that continuously calculate, monitor and record a diver's gas consumption and work load, unique dive profile, and can be set to alert a diver when exceeding or approaching unsafe diving limits.  All dive computers measure time and pressure based upon the algorithm selected by the manufacturer.  Compared to alternative methods of tracking air, time and depth and calculating safe dive limits, we feel dive computers are one of the best investments for a diver.

  • Air Integrated or Non Air Integrated (Modular) - upgradeable options.
  • Wrist or Console Mount or both
  • Battery - life expected, user-changeable or non chargeable, solar, etc.
  • Mixed Gas - how many & types
  • Dive planner
  • Dive modes - air, nitrox, apnea (freediving), gauge, CCR
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Compass
  • Display - color, size, illumination, controls, alerts/alarms, customizable
  • Other Info - air/water temperature, maps, user info, warranty
  • Quick Disconnect for console style
  • PC/Apple-MAC/Android compatible

Dive computers are appropriate and essential items for all divers when they are properly understood and used. 

Air Integrated Wireless/Wrist Mount
The best of the best computers. These computers display in real-time, air pressure and remaining air time; that is the minutes remaining until your cylinder pressure is 500 psi. They will also begin to beep a warning for low air (starting about 700 psi) which is important for balanced regulators that breathe easily right up to last breath. They may or may not have built in electronic compass. Many are Nitrox ready, and may do multi-gas mixtures.

All dive computers use batteries - rechargeable or non rechargeable.  Batteries should be fully charged, and when needed replaced/changed and serviced by authorized dealers.  Ultimately it's up to divers to carefully monitor their computers and have a dive plan in place in case of a dive computer failure or when a limit has been exceeded.


  • Air Integrated Wireless/Wrist Mount
  • Air Integrated Console Mount
  • Non Air Integrated Wrist Mount
  • Non Air Integrated Console Mount
  • Dive Computer Accessories

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