Snorkel & Gear Packages

To start scuba diving, you will be required at a minimum to own your set of snorkeling gear - mask, snorkel, and fins. Additionally, you will be required to have an underwater timing device - such as a waterproof watch or computer.  Even these simple items have specific features and are personally fitted to each individual, it is not recommended that you borrow these items. 

Gear Packages, aka "hard" SCUBA gear generally includes your BCD, Buoyancy Control Device, exposure suit (wet suit), regulator and gauges, cylinder (air tank) and weights are available for rent and purchase.

You may want to own your own gear, but it is not necessary to own any or all of your hard gear to start learning to dive. Do take a look at our used rental gear for special deals. However, your training on poorly maintained gear or "badly" sized gear can (and will) effect your enjoyment, ability to learn and safety.  

Malibu Divers provides personalized consultation and service for a variety of sizes, manufacturers and types of rental gear that we not only sell in-house but we use to dive.

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