Is Scuba Diving a Secret Society? 

Los Angeles, CA – April 5, 2021 (Updated April 26, 2014) 
The term SCUBA is an acronym for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. (That's why it's capitalized, but nowadays, you'll mostly see it in upper and/or lower case.) Scuba diving is underwater exploration while carrying the scuba gear like a backpack for the purpose of breathing underwater. Scuba diving is one of several ways of being underwater, but agruably is the most convenient method. Scuba diving allows greater freedom when underwater and allows the diver to swim without much restrictions.
Scuba diving seems dangerous to some, but the danger only lies within the lack of training or disregard for the rules of SCUBA diving and reckless behavior. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to try scuba diving
1) Admission to a Secret Society 
The beauty of the underwater world is only available to those who take the time to view it properly. Looking at a picture of the underwater world does not do it the justice it deserves. Scuba divers tend to develop a greater appreciation for the world under the sea and give it the respect it deserves. The decision to try scuba diving may become the call to action for some who decide to support the preservation of the world’s waters and its inhabitants. 
Dive Against Debris
2) Make New Friends 
Scuba diving lessons are usually done in groups and even if family or friends are not interested in a scuba dive, it will still be possible to connect with others that share the same interest and excitement about exploring life under the waves. Scuba diving should always be done with a diving buddy and meeting others with the same passion will help find a diving buddy. Meeting others with the same interests will provide a constant connection to the sport. 
New Dive Friends
3) Deciding to try Scuba Diving will add Excitement to any Vacation 
For a lot of people, a vacation is about finding excitement in life and sometimes just trying something new. Scuba diving is one of those activities that are exciting for anyone who enjoys the water and checking out our subsurface friends and their habitats. Diving is an activity the entire family, including children who meet the age requirements, can do together and the locations for scuba diving can be found worldwide.
Family Dive Vacation
4) Try Scuba Diving and see the World 
80% of the world is covered with water and most of that water is ideal for scuba diving. Each location has something special to offer and will prove to be an adventure. Scuba diving around the world may even bring cultures together and break down barriers that keep some cultures apart.
Different Cultures
5) Choose the Type of Dive Desired.  
The types of dives include a dive from shore, boat, or raft and dives can include a general exploration of the sea underworld or with further advanced training, a cave exploration. An exciting dive might be to search out and explore a wreck or observe an underwater recovery. Dives can be done day or night and underwater enthusiasts may also experiment with photography or videography
Wreck Diver
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