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 Los Angeles, CA – April 12, 2021 (Updated December 12, 2012)

With all of the precautions about Covid, our heart health is something we may take for granted when we are younger or until something happens. Of course, we think about it.  We exercise, we try to eat right and as a nation we struggle mostly with our weight. Scuba diving, and even more so with freediving, while less risk when compared to many other outdoor and physical activities is no place to find out we have a heart problem or any other major medical aliment because their is little margin for error.

How do you know if you are dive ready?  Get a regular annual check-up, review any medical changes or new prescriptions with doctor and dive instructor and call DAN, Divers Alert Network.  When in doubt, don't dive until you are sure you are ready. If you need a referral to a "diving" doctor that understands scuba health, ask DAN or us.  We know several who are great! Also DAN membership and their dive accident insurance are highly recommended to give you some peace of mind if something were to happen. Not all medical insurance policies cover serious dive accidents. DAN is an amazing source of information. Checkout their FREE The Heart & Diving reference guide and even download it!
Did you know that the common cause of fatal dive accidents are heart related (cardiac conditions)?
Because coronary heart disease is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among adults in both North America and Europe, it's no wonder that if you're a diver, it may just happen while diving. Understand the fitness needed for diving from a boat or from shore, and make sure you are healthy and physically (and mentally, etc.) ready to dive. 

What about diving after a heart transplant?  Most people who don't know - would probably think - "I'll never be able get in the water again!"  Turns out that there are people who have had heart transplants and gone on to dive. Scuba diving has even helped people recover from their heart challenges, cancer recovery and even more. So diving in itself isn't the cause of accidents, but it can also help you recover from injuries or medical conditions.
If you've been injured or suffered a serious medical condition and would like to scuba dive, we have trained PADI and HSA instructors to support your needs.

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