Good jobs are difficult to find. Finding good jobs that you also enjoy are even more so.

SCUBA Diving Job

Los Angeles, CA – April 26, 2021 (update May 9, 2014)
The feeling of gliding through a new world, one both older than the one you left behind on land and yet still new. The feeling of slow motion flying, the sights of colorful schools of fish, or the mystery of the darkness of night underwater. Feelings that few people know, but many wish to know.
Good jobs are difficult to find. Finding good jobs that you also enjoy are even more so. Finding these sorts of jobs means starting with what you already enjoy doing. If you know and enjoy the experience of a world unlike ours, and also enjoy showing others this world, then teaching people how to dive or taking them on trips into this world might be for you. 
Let's start with a question everyone has of every job - pay. According to the pay for a SCUBA instructor (in Los Angeles) median amount is $50,124 per year. The average pay per year for an instructor is from $41,802 to $62,132. Not bad, especially for something that you also enjoy doing. 
As for location, you do not have to be near an ocean to find a job. Anywhere there is a body of water such as lakes and rivers, has divers. In fact, Scuba Diving Magazine’s listings of the 50 best diving sites in North America included #20 an abandoned lead mine, the Bonne Terre Mine in Missouri, as one of those sites. Each body of water has its own unique features, challenges, and joys.
Bonne Terre Mine
Or how about #19 the Denver Aquarium?
Denver Aquarium
However, while being near an ocean is not a requirement for a rewarding career in diving, becoming certified to teach is. 
Of course, in addition to there being many different locations for careers in diving, so too are there many other careers for divers than just instructors. For example, a natural tie-in is owning and running a dive shop that sells diving equipment and services. Or that of dive boat operator where you take people out to dive. Then there are the commercial divers who work on underwater structures and projects. From fish and game wardens to marine biologists and geologists to aquarist and animal trainers, there are many different careers for someone who is a skilled and knowledgeable diver who is trained in these professions. 
Malibu Divers is one of the few places that offers from beginner scuba diving to a comprehensive full range of courses on Pro Scuba Training, from the beginning of the professional level of training called Divemaster to Emergency First Response Instructor training to Instructor to the various Specialty Instructor programs and professional scuba diving courses; all of them taught with an eye not just to graduating but to actually learning and understanding how to run a business as a dive professional. Earning your certification is only the beginning, because really understanding how to successfully leverage your skills and experience as a business can be challenging.
An Instructor Development Course (IDC) is the cornerstone of PADI's professional-level training that can result in earning your Assistant Instructor rating and qualify a you to attend the Instructor Examination to earn your PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI). IDC’s are offered periodically as a group and privately. The next IDC will be held at Malibu Divers on May 21st
Contact us to learn more about diving careers, the training needed to start enjoying them, and our job placement assistance.

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