Try SCUBA - Discover Scuba Diving (Ocean)

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You will never forget your first breath on SCUBA.  Come try diving with us.

Takes about 2.5 hours in total.  No gear is required but if you do have your own mask, snorkel, open heel fins, and boots - bring them. We will schedule a session with you that fits your schedule. Usually, we do an evening briefing after dinner on the day of arrival for about 30-45 minutes.

Sessions offered after breakfast and after lunch. No night diving for non certified divers. You may however, add a night snorkel after this program or more dives.

Minimum age: 12 years old

PADI Medical release must be signed by physician on page 2 if you have any YES responses on page 1.
DSD brochure signed by student.
Please bring them with you, and do not send to us ahead of time.

Note: you must already be registered to attend UCSD Camp program.

Please put in the notes field of your order:
--Name of Participant
--Date of Birth
--Email (if different from yours)
--Postal Address (if different from yours)
--Troop #
--Shoe Size

Try SCUBA - Discover Scuba Diving (Ocean)
Try SCUBA - Discover Scuba Diving (Ocean)
Try SCUBA - Discover Scuba Diving (Ocean)