Girl Scout SCUBA at Camp Emerald Bay
Girl Scout SCUBA at Camp Emerald Bay
Girl Scout SCUBA at Camp Emerald Bay
Girl Scout SCUBA at Camp Emerald Bay
Girl Scout SCUBA at Camp Emerald Bay
Girl Scout SCUBA at Camp Emerald Bay

Girl Scout SCUBA at Camp Emerald Bay

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Have you always wanted to try SCUBA diving?
This is your chance!! You do not need to be certified to try SCUBA.

Who can do it?
If you are in good health (check the brief medical questionnaire in the registration brochure) for any girl scout over the age of 12 years old and up and any adult girl scout leader.

How much does it cost?
$125 pp includes the training, and all of the gear rental. You need to bring a swimsuit and towel, and a smile. You can pre-register with us to guarantee your spot by calling (310) 456-2396. There are about 20-24 spots available. Do not delay. We will schedule your spot when you arrive for a time you are available. On Saturday, there will be 2 dives after breakfast and 2 dives after lunch. Additional dives after first dive are $50pp. There is also a night time snorkel ($20) for anyone who has participated in day time dive. It includes students using lights, and a briefing covering safety, night marine life, etc. You will get to experience bioluminescence.

What do you need to do to participate?
1. Complete the DSD registration form and bring it with you to Camp (do not send it to us) see attachment. If you have a YES on the medical questions, it doesn't mean you can't participate, it means you need to complete a 2nd medical release that is signed by a physician on page 2 (a medical exam is usually not required by a doctor that you regularly see).

Signup online below for diving or call Malibu Divers to reserve your spot. (310) 456-2396.
If you are coming with your troop, you must be signed up with Camp Emerald Bay for March 20-22, 20202 or Aug 21-23, 2020. If you are coming with Malibu Divers, you can sign up directly with us for the weekend but you will be housed separately.
Our hours:
Monday - Friday 10 am to 6 pm
Saturday 8 am to 6 pm
Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

3. Check in at the dive locker when you arrive to schedule your time. Bring your schedule with you. It will take about 2 hours in total to participate in the program.

Are you already certified diver?
Yes we will have schedule guided dives $100 for checkout and $50 for each additional (includes all gear). Need a tuneup? Yes, we can do that as well. Want to do some training? Yes, we can do that as well. Or get certified? Yes, we can't do it this weekend but have programs for Girl Scouts all year long.
Checkout our Emerald Bay Programs page for more information - map of Catalina, camp map, accommodations, dive site(s), camp fires and more.

Your weekend consists of three options to choose from:
1. $125 Try SCUBA Diving, DSD (non certified divers)

2. $100 Discover Local Diving, DLD (for certified divers only)
Includes checkout & guided dive by one of our Pro's. 

3. $50 Additional dives (for both non certified & certified divers) Upgraded Must have done previous dive! There are a limited number available. 

4. $30 Night Snorkel (for both non certified & certified divers) must have done day time dive (try SCUBA or DLD) Must have done day time dive.

5. $75 Night Dive (for certified divers only) Must have done day time dive.



 Evening arrival

After Dinner - Orientation, Camp & Dive Locker tour, Dive Briefing for SCUBA Intro's & DLDs

Breakfast 7:30 AM
8:30 am Dive 1
10:30 am Dive 2
12:30 pm Lunch
  1:30 pm Dive 3
  3:45 pm Dive 4
6:00 pm Dinner
** Night Snorkel or Night Specialty or Adventure night dive training only

7:30 am Breakfast (pack in advance)
8:30 am  Dive 5
11 am - Boarding for Departure