Emergency Oxygen Provider Only - for Divers & Non-Divers

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Oxygen, water, and food are fundamentally important to all animals. Of these three basic essentials for the maintenance of life, the lack of oxygen leads to death most rapidly. First aid with emergency oxygen is useful or necessary as a treatment for many injuries, diseases and intoxication's that interfere with oxygen reaching the blood or tissues. For recreational scuba divers, emergency oxygen is the primary first aid given to individuals suffering from a near drowning or decompression illness (lung overexpansion injuries and decompression sickness). Providing emergency oxygen has become the standard of practice for treating injured scuba divers since it provides oxygen to starved tissues and aids in bubble reduction.

One class session (2-3 hours) is conducted in 
the classroom at Malibu Divers. Counts toward PADI MSD, Master Scuba Diver rating since it is a PADI Specialty Course.

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Includes manual, mouth shield, and training and certification card.

Note: There are no pre-requisites.

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