Deep Diver Specialty

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What is considered deep recreational diving?
Diving beyond 60 feet up and potentially up to 130 feet.
Scuba divers like to be free to dive as deep as we need to be. Some divers like to explore what is usually beyond where most aquatic life lives. Some wreck dives and wall dives seem to just call us deeper and deeper. Here in lies the issue. What is deep and why should we be trained to go deeper? Probably the most important point, what's it like to go deep and what kind of training is required to go deep diving.

Minimum age: 15 years old

Note: we include your educational materials (manual) and your certification card with 1-4 training dives depending on your program.  Travel expenses are not included.  Deep dives are best from Catalina shore or from one of our dive boat trips. Choose date(s) that are best for you or when we are conducting weekend ocean dives in Catalina or are diving from a boat.  Deep dives require you to have experience and mastery of neutral buoyancy before attempting a deep dive. Maximum of 3 training dives per day.