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A pirate diver is adventurer, and explorer who searches for the treasure of a pirate. They have an interest in scuba diving and learning more about pirates. Since there are many kinds of pirates, you will be encouraged to think “like a pirate”. Using clues and maps, you too may find “gold bullion”. Just like a pirate you will have a buddy to decipher and plan your dives and execute it to the best of your ability and within your training and experience.
The goal of this course is to for SCUBA divers to learn a systematic, methodical approach to the search and discover of submerged objects. Student divers will develop the techniques involved in locating and documenting found objects within recreational limits and while avoiding disturbing delicate marine life.
Minimum age: 12 years old
Pre-requisite: PADI Medical release signed by physician, and parent/guardian signed release.

RELEASES: You will be emailed all additional information including releases. They are provided here for reference.  Follow all the directions and fill them out completely and bring them with you to Camp.  Any questions or need more information - contact us.

Note: we include your educational materials and your certification card with 2 training dives depending on your program. Proof of certification required and check out dive (DLD-1) before any Rugged Specialty program is required. You must already be registered to attend Camp.

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