How to Buy Dive Gear

Dive Equipment - How to Shop & Choose

How to buy dive equipment
Where do you want to dive?
Southern California diving means cold water diving.  It could mean a 7m wetsuit for one person and a drysuit for another person.  Planning on diving in Indonesia?  This time it's warm water diving. Again for one person it might mean a 1m wetsuit or shorty and another person may want a 3.5m full wetsuit.  If you plan diving in both warm and cold water, make sure to review the items that could be used for both types.  Some gear is highly specialized for those environments while other gear can be used for both.
What brands should you review?
Quality gear when taken care of can last several years. There are a few new scuba diving manufacturer's every year that appear.  It is better to stick to the well established name brands that have a reputation for making quality scuba gear and have local dealers to source it and repair it. Scuba gear can be incredibly dependable, but it is life-support equipment, it needs reliable design and engineering to keep you safe. Malibu Divers provides a variety of quality choices with advice, training, assembly and service for your equipment, as well as additional accessories and spare parts, and references for the gear you purchase.
Will you take good care and maintenance of your gear?
Be realistic here.  If you're the type of person, who is already busy and your idea of care is rinsing it, then make sure to understand the different manufacturer's warranties.  Some gear comes with lifetime warranties when serviced regularly. Understand what maintenance is required and recommended.  Learn how to take care of your gear where you buy it. 
What is your budget?
Every purchase is contingent on what you can afford. We have an excellent selection of a variety of gear available for every budget. Additionally, you can add items to your scuba kit over time. What should you buy first (after you get your personal snorkeling package)? Everyone has an opinion, but hands down, it's dive computer.
Why buy from a locally owned store?
Everyone likes to save money; getting a fair price has to be a mutually benefit to the buyer and seller.  The best deals are the ones which builds a relationship between two people and grows over time.