Specials to Dive For - Please take a moment to read this information, Then Go Shop!

Deals on Dive Equipment

We are Malibu Divers and that stands for something. We stand for safe, fun diving for everyone. We do business the way we do based upon what you have told us, from how to teach you to how to reward you. Your feedback and participation have always guided us in making decisions and underpins the whole organization. Our core values govern our personal relationships and guide our business processes. They are the practices we use every day in everything we do.  Please remember that by supporting your local dive store, you ensure that we can continue to thrive in your local community and be here for you.

When we offer specials on diving equipment, we offer you the best prices on dive gear, dry suits, masks, snorkels, fins, dive computers and more including dive travel, Malibu Divers will meet or beat any legitimate dive deal (no gray market). Dive travel offers through PADI Travel ensure that you have the best opportunities to dive around the world. Will you find a better deal on-line? Maybe, but maybe not. How will you know?  You don't want to find out you made a mistake during your trip.
We recognize, acknowledge and understand the Internet phenomenon with each potential new or old client who comes into or calls my store. We spend a lot of time talking, sharing and stocking a wide range of goods for you.  It's a big investment we gladly make because we also listen. From the manufacturer reps to my staff to my clients, all of whom provide me with feedback. For the most part, we carry what we know provides the best quality and value. We also encourage, but not require our staff to use what we sell because we want you to see the gear in action. Often times, we also hear clients who are confused about what they need. We talk about why they think they need some new fangled state of the art, i.e. very expensive thingy that their buddy just got at a special price. Or sometimes, it's a reasonable item that is being priced way below retail that they don't realize doesn't come with a full warranty or may have substituted no-name internal components which they have no way of knowing. That is until they bring it in for maintenance service or send it back to the manufacturer when it breaks because your Internet site doesn't do repairs. It gets even better when this happens when you're out of the country. And by the way that loaner, you need right now, it's called rental equipment.
Our basic credo is that we will recommend what best fits you. Not what costs the most or what is most popular or what is on special that month. We want you to come back in a day, a week or years later and still say I'm glad I got this gear. You will find that our relationship builds over the years as your dive experience increases as does our understanding of your needs. Try getting that service over the Internet!
So please, go ahead and do your research on the Internet, tell us what you found. We totally respect that but come visit us or contact us before you make you purchase to understand the total cost of ownership. Besides, we're going to save you a lot of time and years of enjoyment in the long run.
We carry all the major and reputable brands that we stand behind. If you need something that we don't regularly carry, we can special order it for you. If you need it now, we can overnight it to you as well in most cases.