Instructor Program(s)
Instructor Program(s)

Instructor Program(s)

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Our Full Instructor (IDC) package includes: save $673

  • Personalized Instructor training (7 days, reg $1999) 
  • OWSI/IDC Crew-Pak (Digital) (reg $1238.90):
    • PADI’s Guide to Teaching,
    • Instructor Cue Cards: Confined Water, AOW, OW, Rescue Diver, & Divemaster,
    • OW Lesson Planning Slate, Confined Water Lesson Preparation Slate,
    • Diving Knowledge Workbook
    • IDC eLearning
    • Open Water Multilingual Prescriptive Lesson Guides
    • OW Quizzes & Exams Imper/Metr, Divemaster & Rescue Diver Exams, Imper/Metr, PPB, Aware, Coral Reef Instr. Guide
    • Instructor Application, Certificate of Completion, Candidate Info & Training Record Form,
    • PADI Backpack
  • PADI IDC & IE PADI application fees ($1095)- we pay your PADI fees!

* Does not includes any transportation or Catalina Weekend (Express, Hotel, Boat) or Boat dives (or hotel or ferry during your IE) unless indicated below, personal expenses, rental gear, etc. 

2023 IDC's  -IE’s Rancho Santa Margarita RSM,
Instructor Development Course (or 4 weekends)          PADI Instructor Examinations 

Jan 27-Feb 2 (Jan 7 - 29)                                            Feb 4-5 RSM (Mar 4-5 SLC)

March 24-30 (Mar 4-26)                                              Apr 1-2 RSM (May 13-14 M) 

May 26-June 1 (Housing & Meals option)                June 3-4 RSM 
July 28-Aug 3                                                              Aug 5-6 RSM (Sep 16-17 SLC)

Sep 29-Oct5                                                                Oct 7-8 RSM (Nov 4-5 AZ)

Dec 1-7                                                                       Dec 9-10 RSM (Jan 27-28 SLC)

Not included (unless you choose that option) are room & board, meals and ferry or boat transportation while training, and all other training takes place in Malibu, California. If you need help with accommodations while in Malibu, let us know and we can likely make suggestions or recommendations.

Note: EFR Instructor Program is typically scheduled one day before IDC or privately on demand. Note: dates may changed for a number of reasons.
EFR Instructor dates are: Jan 26, Mar 23, May 25, Jul 27, Sep 28, Nov 30 (Thanksgiving, Nov 23)


  • Dates are subject to change based on PADI dates, weather, and enrollments.
  • Other IDC, EFR Inst. and MSDT schedules are on demand and conducted in Malibu, CA.

Package Options: additional savings up to $349 on training and more!
+ Malibu housing (7 nights) & 3 Meals - May 2023 program only $1050 (double occup); single occ $1495
+ Add EFR Instructor, save over $100; includes your educational materials, training and PADI EFR Instructor application fee ($135).
+ Add MSDT, Master SCUBA Diver Trainer, save over $249; includes 6 PADI Specialties**, your tuition for training dives, 6 PADI Specialty Instructor application fees ($510) and PADI MSDT application fee ($110)
+ Add EFR Instructor & MSDT, save over $349

* Instructor Candidates are expected to own their own SCUBA Gear;  otherwise, gear rental is 50% off (Wetsuit, Regulator, BCD, tank, weights, instruments, hood & dive computer, compass & other items as needed camera, dry suit, etc.)

** MSDT Specialties can include any of the 6 of the standard PADI Specialties (NAV, DEEP, DUI, FFM, NIGHT, DRYSUIT, SHARK, BOAT, DRIFT, EANx, FISH ID, S&R, NAT). Sizes maybe limited and rental gear are not included; travel, personal, instructor outlines and facility expenses not included when outside the published schedule. Distinctive Specialties (KELP, ABALONE, PIRATE) and others (WRECK, FREEDIVER, etc) are available at an additional fee.

Pre-requisite: PADI Divemaster or other Agency (NAUI, SSI, etc.) equivalent, proof of 100 logged dives, 18 years or older, PADI medical release signed by physician and current EFR (or CPR) certification. EFR Instructor is required to earn Instructor credential.
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