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  • Backlit display and enlarged segment / matrix screen
  • Excellent contrast and information with bigger and clear digits (depth, no detect. )
  • 4 buttons to enable a more intuitive/ easier user interface
  • Same as for D-series (easier to move into other Suunto devices)
  • SUUNTO SPG SM-36 tank pressure gauge 300

Suunto Zoop Novo has the following dive modes:
• Air: for diving with regular air
• Nitrox: for diving using oxygen-enriched gas mixtures
• Gauge: for using the dive computer as a bottom timer
• Free: for freediving - The dive time is indicated in minutes and seconds in the center of the display. The free dive starts at 1.2 m (4 ft) and ends when your depth is less than 0.9 m (3 ft).
• Off: turns dive mode off completely; the dive computer does not automatically switch the dive mode when submerged and dive planning mode is hidden By default, Air mode is activated when you enter dive mode. You can change which mode is activated or turn dive mode on under the general settings.

    Dive planning mode The dive planning mode PLAN NoDeco can be used to plan a dive that does not require decompression. You enter the depth of your upcoming dive, and Suunto Zoop Novo calculates the maximum time you can stay at that depth without requiring decompression stops. The dive plan takes into account: • any calculated residual nitrogen • dive history from the past four days


    There are two gas mixes allowed with the Suunto Zoop Novo, and the oxygen rates can be from 21%-50%. 


    The water temperature is displayed in either centigrade or Fahrenheit. There is also a temperature compensated pressure sensor that is calibrated complying with EN 13319.


    The display is divided into three lines. It’s easy to read. The backlight has several timeout options. This is a great feature because it allows you to preserve the life of your dive battery. The timeout of the backlight ranges from 2 seconds through 60 seconds, giving you plenty of options to suit your needs.
    The Suunto has a dive battery life estimate of 2 years. Suunto does not recommend that users replace the battery themselves because of the risk of water leaking into the battery compartment. The battery is user-replaceable. Although the manufacturer recommends you take it to a service station. You find instructions on how to do this in the owner’s manual.

    The alarm system consists of both audio and visual alarms. Many low-level alarms are only audio and may consist of short beeps, or interval beeps to alert you to an issue that needs attention. More serious alerts combine audible beeps with activation of the backlight. For life-threatening alerts, you will hear continuous beeps, and the backlight will be activated. These life-threatening alerts can be when the maximum ascent rate of 10 m per second is violated or if the decompression ceiling depth is exceeded.
    When the maximum depth or dive time gets exceeded, both visual and audial alarms are triggered. Nitrox has its own set of alarms to alert you of your maximum safe partial pressure of oxygen levels.

    The algorithms used on the Suunto Zoop Novo is based on a reduced gradient bubble model. The RGBM predicts gas build-up in the blood and tissues of divers.

    Suunto Zoop Novo has a detailed logbook and dive history available in memory mode.
    The logbook contains a sophisticated dive profile for each recorded dive. The time between each data point saved in the log is based on the configurable sample rate. Scuba dive history shows you a summary of the following:
    • Dive hours
    • Total number of dives
    • Maximum depth
    The scuba dive history records a maximum of 999 dives and 999 diving hours. When these limits are reached, the counters reset to zero

    • Easy to learn 4 button navigation
    • Alarms both audible and visual
    • Large and cleanly divided display that provides all important information at a glance
    • Five dive mode settings for Freedive, Off mode, Air, Nitrox, and Gauge (Bottom Timer)
    • Air Nitrox settings between 21% and 50%
    • Limits for PO2 between 1.2 and 1.6 bars
    • Full continuous decompression Suunto RGBM algorithm
    • Maximum operating depth 80 meters/262 feet
    • Three adjustable altitude settings up to 3,000 m (9,843 ft)
    • Recommended and mandatory safety stop timers
    • Imperial and metric display options
    • Dive log giving you detailed reviews of your last dives
    • User-replaceable Lithium battery (CR2450)
    • RELIABLE AND ACCURATE TANK PRESSURE GAUGE -The extremely compact Suunto SM-36 tank pressure gauge incorporates a safety-pin-type tube and a gear mechanism, which provide outstanding accuracy and durability. The clear and bright phosphorescent dial face provides excellent readability, even in demanding conditions. The SM-36 pressure gauge is suitable for 300 bar/4000 psi tanks and is available with either bar or psi display (360 bar or 5000 psi max display).
    • 2 year limited warranty; optional USB cable

    What’s in the Box:
    Suunto Zoop Novo, SPG in a 2-gauge console with high pressure hose included, Zoop Novo Quick Guide and dive legal leaflet with warranty information

    Zoop Novo Dive Computer Manual - download