Dive Against Debris Diver eLearning
Dive Against Debris Diver eLearning
Dive Against Debris Diver eLearning
Dive Against Debris Diver eLearning

Dive Against Debris Diver eLearning

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We offer PADI (DAD) Dive Against Debris eLearning (or presentation) for your learning the dive theory or academic portion of your the program; with eLearning you can finish the class portion on your own pace and in your own free time, and you don't have to drive or spend more time in person going through this information.

On your required ocean dive day (extra fee), you will spend some time with your instructor before the dive, to answer all of your questions and concerns. We'll also do a brief review to test your knowledge.  Then you're into the ocean to put that knowledge into practice!

You can purchase the eLearning for now then come back to pick the dates for your Wreck open water ocean dive sessions. 

PADI Dive Against Debris Diver eLearning is a convenient way for student divers to complete the independent study portion of their DAD Diver specialty course from a laptop/desktop computer or mobile device.

The best experience is to study online, however, if students find themselves without internet for periods (such as when commuting or traveling) or have inconsistent, poor internet services, they can download content to study offline via the PADI Training app.

The PADI Training app is available for Apple® iOS devices and Android™ devices. It’s best if devices are no more than three generations old. Content can be downloaded in sections for download convenience with a total file size of approximately 185 MB.

Make a difference on every dive by activating your inner citizen scientist. During the Dive Against Debris® Diver Specialty course, you’ll learn how ocean plastic and trash cleanups not only keep your local dive sites healthier, but also how to contribute to a global database that documents our planet’s marine debris problem. Under the guidance of your instructor, you’ll participate in a Dive Against Debris survey and turn your passion for the underwater world into real action.

Join the PADI Torchbearertm movement of divers protecting our ocean planet and making every dive count.

Take This Course If You Want to learn to:

  • Become a citizen scientist for marine conservation 
  • Learn how you can truly make a difference for our oceans
  • Keep your local dive sites clean from ocean plastic and debris
  • Identify which objects should and shouldn’t be removed from the ocean
  • Conduct a survey: Sort, record and report the marine debris you collect 
  • Contribute to PADI AWARE Foundation’s global database

PADI Dive Against Debris®  Diver eLearning includes all of the required study materials for the DAD Diver course including:

  • Content from the DAD Diver Presentation
  • All assessments (Knowledge Reviews, Exercise Questions, and eRecord)
  • PADI Certification Card

NOTE: does not include your in person training nor your open water dives and travel expenses.

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