Reef Check California Species ID Cards
Reef Check California Species ID Cards
Reef Check California Species ID Cards
Reef Check

Reef Check California Species ID Cards

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NOTE: If you are enrolled in a Reef Check California training course, a set is included as part of your course fee.

A set of 89 full color cards with a photo of each Reef Check California Indicator Species of fish, invertebrate and algae. The back of each card provides detailed information about the species’ ecology.   

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WHO IS Reef Check California?

A divsion of Reef Check which is a non-profit organization leading citizen scientists to promote stewardship of sustainable reef communities worldwide. In California, Reef Check helps ensure the long-term sustainability and health of the nearshore rocky reefs and kelp forests. Reef Check California volunteer citizen scientists are divers, fishermen, kayakers, surfers, boaters, and a wide range of Californians who take a proactive role in making sure that our nearshore ecosystems are healthy and well managed. They train scuba divers to be citizen scientists familiar with California’s marine life and how to survey kelp forests. They provide them with the skills to conduct scientific surveys and then lead them in monitoring kelp forests along the entire coast of California.

If you have ideas or questions on other products or services on how we can improve upon our commitment to help our reefs, we invite you to contact us at

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