Oceanic F.10.V3 Free Dive Computer
Oceanic F.10.V3 Free Dive Computer
Oceanic F.10.V3 Free Dive Computer
Oceanic F.10.V3 Free Dive Computer

Oceanic F.10.V3 Free Dive Computer

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The F.10 dedicated freediving watch comes equipped with everything you’ll need for one deep breath. Provides digital depth, elapsed dive time on the surface and underwater, and a generous collection of customizable audible and visual LED alarms and interval prompts for ultimate performance and safety.


  • Watch-style freedive computer with a rugged design with features of a large readable digital display. 

  • Suited for breath-hold diving, spearfishing or freediving, recreational to competitive diving

  • User-changeable battery

  • Surface interval alarm can be beneficial during interval training for competitive freediving & added safety reminder for hunters


  • Freedive Mode Main displays Depth and Elapsed Dive Time with access to either a pre-set countdown timer or lap timer

  • User defined surface recovery timer, repeating elapsed dive time alarm, repeating depth interval alarm and 3 max depth alarms – with flashing LED and auto-backlight illumination

  • 99 dive log with Max Depth, EDT, Surface Interval

  • :01 step profile scroll – EDIT and Depth

  • History Mode including total EDT and number of dives, Max depth ever with its EDT, Longest EDT ever with its Max Depth, Average Max Depth, EDT, and number of dives per day

  • Digital watch functions including alternate time zone, chronograph, daily alarm, and countdown timer

  • Optional PC Downloadable with 1 second sampling rate

  • User-Replaceable Battery

  • Settable depth activation for shallow water training

  • Updateable firmware – with optional cable

  • Salt / Fresh Water setting

  • Improved time and depth settings resolution

  • Repeatable countdown timer for interval training

  • Added history for the last session (resets at midnight, or may be manually reset)

  • Warranty: 2 Years

Note: The Oceanic F.10 requires an optional, special USB cable to connect your F.10 to your PC. The software and drivers can be downloaded here.

F.10v3 Manual 12-5380r01

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