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The patented Bio-Seal is extremely pliable and molds itself to dry suit seals and skin equally well.  This awesome product can reduce and in most cases eliminate water leakage in the neck and wrist areas while allowing a more comfortable fit.  Seal is latex free which may help those who are allergic or prone to neck rash.

NOTE: Originally designed for use with neoprene seals, Bio-Seals also improves the fit and comfort of latex and silicone type seals.  This product contains oils which can cause early wear in latex type seals.  Rinse the Bio-Seal before first use as well as your suit seals after each use with fresh water to help delay this effect. Each seal includes a dry storage container.

  • Neck Medium fits 11-14"
  • Neck Large fits 14-16"+
  • Wrist (Pair) One Size
  • Ships in reusable storage bottle
  • Manufactured In Japan

Fit Guide & Care Recommendations

They are designed to go between the drysuit seal and the skin to provide a more effective seal. We found them to be a neck saver! And way more comfortable. Remember to wash them before use and after each use with warm water and mild soap, and allow to dry to be stored back in their original storage container. 

Fun Fact

Water sucks the heat from your body 12X faster than air. PADI suggests reheating your body after every session until sweating occurs bringing your body back to its' normal temperature. This will fend off hypothermia and keep you warm and happy all day. 



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