Open Water Boat and Beach - Full Package

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This package includes: eLearning (online, interactive & video) academic training, your enhancement pak (training logbook, eRDPml - dive calculator) and your certification card.   It also includes all of your rental of SCUBA gear for training at the pool (one weekend, ~10 hours) and your one day of boat diving to one of the Channel Islands and one day of Malibu beach diving.  You will be required to carry your scuba gear across the sand and through the surf zone for the beach dives. Boat fees are included in this package.

Note: your snorkel gear is not included; we have special student packages available and for a wide range of budgets.
Pre-requisite: minimum of 10 years old, and in good health.
Note: 10- and 11-year-old divers - ocean dives have to be done privately for dives 3 and 4 and/or if more than 4 divers in the group for any ocean dive; there will be additional fees.

Pick two weekends - one for your class & pool, one for your ocean dives.

Weekend Open Water Class & Pool Schedule - times may vary based on your progress and any last minute pool changes. 

  • Saturday 7:30 am to 4 pm
  • Sunday 11 am to 4 pm 

Weekend Boat & Beach Schedule - may vary based on your progress; sometimes the boat is on Sunday; please check with your Instructor!

  • Saturday Boat departure 7 am, returns about 4 pm
  • Sunday Beach meet at 8-9 am, back to store 11-Noon

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