Emergency Oxygen Provider (online options)

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About the Course

Knowing how and when to administer emergency oxygen is a valuable skill to have in a dive emergency. PADI® Emergency Oxygen Provider prepares you to offer aid and teaches you to recognize scuba diving injuries and illnesses requiring emergency oxygen.This is an excellent course for scuba divers, boat crew, lifeguards, freedivers, mermaids or anyone who spends time in and around water. No age restrictions or water sessions required.

Take This Course If You Want to
  • Learn to administer emergency oxygen
  • Be prepared to offer aid to divers and any recreational water user
  • Gain experience handling oxygen equipment
Learn How to
  • Identify when oxygen is needed for scuba diving and water-related injuries and illnesses
  • Aid a diver if decompression sickness is suspected
  • Assemble an oxygen unit and administer emergency oxygen
eLearning time commitment: 2-4 hours

Available Languages: English, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, German, Finnish, French, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional

The Emergency Oxygen Provider course combines flexible online self-study and in-person training. It's your course at your pace. Practice a skill until you feel confident before moving on to the next one.

NOTE: Does not includes oxygen kit, manual, mouth shield, bandages, and in person training.  It does include your online training and certification card once all requirements have been met

Other Costs & Equipment

This course requires both independent self-study and in-person training. When you purchase online training from our website, the cost covers the self-study portion only. 

Complete Emergency Oxygen Provider eLearning, then meet with your Malibu Divers instructor for skill development and practical application. You'll learn about dive injuries, different types of emergency oxygen equipment and safety considerations when using oxygen.

There is an additional cost to complete your practical training with our Instructor. The cost depends on class size, location and other factors. Contact us for more information and pricing. 

For sanitary reasons, all students need their own set of personal barriers including, but not limited to, gloves, bandages for practical simulations, and a ventilation barrier. We have barriers for purchase in our store.

Emergency Oxygen Provider (online options)
Emergency Oxygen Provider (online options)

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