Emerald Bay Programs

Emerald Bay Programs

Stay-cation in Greater Los Angeles!

Introducing Los Angeles / Catalina Island vacation for Freedivers and SCUBA Divers that can include friends and families (divers and non-divers). Join us at Emerald Bay on the West End of Catalina Island immersed in the kelp forests and rock reefs that make California diving so distinct. This is a weekend for diving, learning new skills, and enjoying outdoor activities on Catalina Island.

New friends, memories for life. 

Feel the rush on a night or deep dive. 

Watch bioluminescence on a full-moon night.

Slowly descend into crisp blue ocean guided by attentive, skilled Pros. 

Marvel at giant kelp while floating effortlessly gliding with the current.  

More about Camp Emerald Bay

Santa Catalina Map - Camp Emerald Bay

Where on Catalina?

Emerald Bay is located at the far west end of Catalina, and west of Two Harbors.  On the Catalina Map, please note the red arrow that points to Emerald Bay. During the summer and during Malibu Diver programs, boat ferry transportation is provided directly to and from the Camp. Here's a suggested Packing List.

Camp Emerald Bay Map - Dive Locker

Where is the Dive Locker?

At Camp, you can find the Malibu Divers at the Dive Locker which is on the ground floor in the Pennington Marine Center (see on Camp Map). 

Where do we stay?

Rustic Wood Cabins: w/electric lights/outlets for non summer months, cabins  (up to 8-beds) are available (males, females, couples, families) depending on various events and signups and time of year. Shared bathrooms & showers are near by. Prefer more privacy or upgrade to shared 3-person cabin.

Dive Site(s)

Doctor's Cove at Emerald Bay offers some of the top diving at Catalina Island.  It is the most popular dive spot at Emerald Bay for beginners and continuing education because it has easy entry/exit points in a protected cove with calm conditions. 

From the Dive Locker at Camp Emerald Bay, it's a short walk down a 21-step wooden stair case to Doctor's Cove. The entry is an easy pebbled and sandy beach. Other advanced sites include: deep, kelp forest, wreck dive, Emerald Bay and night diving.

Dining Hall

Good meals are prepared daily by experienced camp staff. If you have allergies or special meals, they can handle most requests if you give advance notice.

Breakfasts typically includes eggs, pancakes, cereal, and much more. Lunches are simple, usually either a sandwich bar or hot food. Dinners may include main course with veggie options; and of course we always have dessert. You will not be disappointed.

Upgraded Cabins

Upgraded cabins are individual cabins (3 beds per room, 1.5 bunks and desk).  and limited in number; up to 3 people in one cabin for entire weekend. Shares a bathroom, shower and sink with 1 other individual cabin.

Pre-Assembled Tents
 are for when Scouts come to camp,. If you really want to stay in one, check with us in advance. They are two-person army style wall tents. Each tent is secured onto a wooden platform, canvas walls/roof and contains two cots and two mattresses. 

NOTE: you must be already signed up for our Camp & Dive Weekend (unless included below). 

Under TRAVEL, look for:

Girl Scout Weekend or Memorial Day Weekend or Fall Camp & Dive Weekend.

CAMP RELEASES - please download & bring with you.

*  ALL Participants - Weekend Camp & Dive Special Event releaseCertified Divers bring your C-Card with you!
*  Adult, all adults do this release
*  Minor/Youth (only if minor is attending) and, 
*  Informed Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization 
NOTE: No doctors' signature needed. This is for your own safety and comfort in the case of an emergency.

Pick your adventure

Located on the western end of Catalina Island, Emerald Bay is a Camp operated by the Western Los Angeles County Council of the Boy Scouts of America, BSA. It has been in the same location since 1925. The facilities are world-class and offer a plethora of history and adventure.  BSA calls it the "Gem of Catalina", we couldn't agree more. It's an amazing environment. During the non summer months, we are also offering scuba diving training and guided dives and other adventures to our classes and the general public.

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