Reef Check

Malibu, California

Empowering YOU to Save our Oceans & Reefs

Join the Reef Check Team at Malibu Divers
and become a citizen scientist diver!

Give back to the ocean by diving and collecting information on the life in the California's Marine Protected Areas - our Yosemite's of the Sea.

Your Training Fee includes:

Yearly Membership to Reef Check Foundation $25
Reef Check California Instruction Manual $30
Reef Check California Indicator Organism Flashcards $30
Pool practice session $35
Two 3-dive days of field training aboard dive charters $220
Your own custom underwater dive slate, transect tape, and measuring calipers $50
Two full weekend course taught by a marine biologist $200
Knowledge that you are directly helping to preserve CA marine resources +PRICELESS=$590
Instead of $590 you pay $449!

Additional benefits:
• Lifetime certification with annual renewal
• Exclusive Reef Check Buddy Breathing discounts
• Exclusive access to Survey Trips open to current Reef Check California certified surveyors only

Los Angeles CA

Reef Check Class Schedule


Course Pre-requisites

• Proof of Rescue dive certification

• Minimum of 30 logged lifetime dives

• Minimum of 15 logged dives in California or other temperate region with water temp below 68° F

• Minimum of 6 dives within the last year

• Minimum age of 16 on the first day of class

• Completion of liability release

• Completed reading of Reef Check California training manual