MV Conception Memorial Scuba Tag
MV Conception Memorial Scuba Tag
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MV Conception Memorial Scuba Tag

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The 75-foot dive boat, the MV Conception, caught fire and sank on September 2, 2019, off the coast of Santa Cruz IslandCalifornia, United States. The boat was anchored overnight at Platt's Harbor, a small undeveloped bay on the north shore of the island, with 33 passengers and 1 crew member asleep below decks when fire broke out shortly after 3 a.m. Of the 33 passengers and six crew members that were on board the vessel, tragically, all 33 passengers and one crew member were killed the night of the fire, with five crew members escaping with injuries.

The origin of the MV Conception Memorial Scuba Tag came from a very thoughtful PADI SCUBA instructor and underwater photographer from Santa Barbara, CA, Douglas Klug - Instagram @divindk. He ordered tags as a healing remembrance and memorial tag that divers could wear on their BCD to remember the divers lost on the Truth Aquatics “Conception” Dive boat.  

We received one and there have been many requests for these tags so we have decided to offer them at a price to cover our material costs, and shipping (US ONLY). The total fee does include shipping via US Postal Service First Class mail to domestic destinations only. International customers are invited to order but they will have to pay for the additional cost of shipping to their location.

Tags are approximately 1.75 inches in diameter and 1/16 inch thick. This memorial scuba tag is made from high quality, plastic industrial outdoor sign material. It is made to withstand the sun and outdoor elements.  Plastic zip tie to attach the tag is not provided.

To receive, we will send via USPS with a first class stamp. Please remember to provide your postal mailing address to avoid delay.

Please consider giving to the families of those impacted by the tragedy. Divers Alert Network (DAN) has set up a mechanism to give to the families. Join the community in this fundraising effort to support the families of those we have lost. Visit to make a contribution today.


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